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Calgary-based Astra Restorations specializes in mould remediation. We have the experience, training, and certification to effectively treat your mould-contaminated home, commercial, or industrial property. We’re here to make your home or workplace safe again.

Toxic Mould

Mould exists all around us every day. However, some moulds are toxic, producing mycotoxins, which pose serious health hazards are responsible for most health problems associated with mould exposure. While “black mould” is most commonly known, there are actually a number of other moulds which pose serious risks to health and property.

Moulds colonize damp and water-damaged surfaces, as well as spaces affected by flooding. Humidity, inappropriate building materials, and a lack of proper ventilation allow mould spores to colonize and flourish in both commercial and home environments.

Recent flooding in Calgary and Alberta has made toxic mould exposure a common problem in the region. Even now, long after flooding, mould continues to affect flood-damaged Calgary properties. Astra Restorations specializes in remediating these infestations.


Astra Restorations has the experience, training, and certification to effectively treat your mould-contaminated home, commercial, or industrial property.

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Health Risks

Mould can damage health in unpredictable ways, affecting different parts of the body. Mycotoxins cause respiratory disorders, neurological disorders, pathogenic infections, allergic reactions, and hypersensitivity disorders (heightening sensitivities to mould and other environmental compounds).

Prolonged exposer increases the risk of mould-related health problems. Infants and the immunocompromised are especially susceptible to mould-related illnesses. In the immunocompromised, spores attach to living tissue and infect the respiratory system. Spores can also cause systemic fungal infections and mycotoxin toxicity throughout the body. Health problems caused by prolonged mould exposure can be difficult to diagnose but have life-altering consequences.


Mould-related symptoms can vary, with mycotoxins affecting a number of different bodily systems. Symptoms, however, generally fall into three categories: immunological, neurological, and respiratory.

Respiratory problems can include difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, wheezing, chronic sinus problems, throat irritations, and sneezing fits. Common neurological problems associated with toxic mould exposure include migraines, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, and visual problems. Immunological symptoms will include hypersensitivity to spores and other chemicals, allergic reactions, irritations of the eyes, skin, and sinus, and chronic infections.

The symptoms of mould illness are often nebulous and unspecific, but still being devastating to health. For this reason, diagnosis of mould-related illness is often difficult, if not impossible, for doctors. Once affected, individuals made ill by mould exposure will go years, suffering from conditions they can’t identify. If your workplace has a mould problem, you may feel worse during the week, only to recover somewhat on the weekend. Conversely, an exposure at home may leave you feeling ill without a clear indication why.


If you suspect your home or workplace space has been contaminated by toxic mould, having your property inspected is essential. The longer your property contains toxic mould, the more mould spores will contaminate your space and belongings. Call Astra Restorations. We provide a mould inspection with each water damage restoration at no additional cost.

Remediation should be taken seriously. Only safe removal will ensure that mould toxins are not spread further. Our mould remediation protocol begins with a site visit and inspection. Our containment and remediation procedures include both negative air containment and Hazmat precautions. Our protocols protect any building occupants from mould-related health risks.

Mould must be physically removed from all structures and materials. This work must be done by certified professionals only. Isolating mould, or removing signs of its presence on surface materials, will not adequately remove mould from the environment. Neither will bleach alone kill mould. We use the best technology, including, thermal energy drying systems, wall cavity injection equipment, and high-powered commercial drying fans.

Once the mould has been removed from all materials, we send air quality tests to an independent lab for analysis, guaranteeing the safe restoration of your commercial or home space. Astra will also reconstruct the space and apply a mould risk reduction plan, ensuring the control of moisture, limiting future recontamination.

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Astra Restorations has the certified training to ensure Asbestos is safely abated or removed from your contaminated home or work space.



If you suspect mould in your home, commercial, or industrial property, call Astra Restorations. We have the certified experience and training to make your property safe again. We work hard, efficiently and expertly, to restore both your mould-contaminated property and your peace of mind. At Astra, the safety of your family, employees, and yourself is our priority.

Trust us, at Astra Restorations, to make your home or place of business safe again for you and your family or employees.

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